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Project | 01

Project | 01 Namiko's Study Group '18

The members of my study group are Japanese high school students. In Japan, there are not many high school students applying to colleges abroad, meaning they have difficulties finding friends with similar goals. Therefore, I created a community where my students can assemble to help each other with the application process. 

This unique group offers tremendous opportunities for character education, intellectual engagement, and resource sharing.

Project | 02

Project | 02 Educational Consulting '18

I work as an admissions consultant at Agos Japan, the nation's leading study-abroad prep school. I have helped many Agos students get accepted into excellent universities and colleges, such as Brown, Williams, Pomona, Wellesley, Swarthmore, USC, and King's College London.

In the course of consulting sessions, I help each student discover their true interests, passion, and identity, allowing them to discover their perfect match, rather than deciding based on rankings and prestige. 


In addition, most of my students have been granted scholarships from colleges and foundations. The total amount of scholarships awarded to my students last year was about 3 million USD. This season, it has already reached 1.5 million USD and still counting. 

I hope study-abroad would be accessible to as many students as possible. Therefore, helping them overcome financial obstacles is one of my most important missions as well. 


Project | 03

Project | 03 Regular Teaching

I regularly teach college-level materials to Japanese teenagers in English. I make an effort to make the class student-centered and interactive, by incorporating the flipped-classroom-method and CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning). 


Besides my regular teaching and consulting job at Agos, I teach at some prestigious universities in Japan as part of Agos' business. Mainly, I teach English and liberal arts to students with English as their second language.


My courses usually put an emphasis on a motivational aspect. Instead of teaching mere test-taking skills, I aim to help students discover why they want to study abroad. The results naturally follow once they are clear about their goals. In fact, I have taught university courses, helping them increase their TOEFL scores by 10 points on average. 


I design my course in a way that I can create collective "flow"  state (concept by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi), optimizing students' understanding and knowledge retention. 

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