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Professional ​

I am an educational artist. I develop, design, and teach courses. I also do one-on-one/group consulting and create learning communities.


I make learning personal, communal, and experiential through student-centered activities and thought-provoking discussions. 


My ultimate goal is to help foster minds that can think for themselves to pass on a fairer, safer, and more fulfilling world to the next generation. 


Curriculum Development 

Community Organization 

Personal Counseling 

Admissions Consulting 

President/ Founder. Namikism Educational Consulting 

2017 - present

I started my own business to support students who are struggling with their college life academically as well as personally. 



Instructor/ College Admissions Consultant. Agos Japan

2014 - present

Agos Japan is a leading prep school that helps Japanese students study abroad by providing services in test prep and admissions consulting. 

As an instructor, I teach students liberal arts subjects both in Japanese and English, in Agos Japan and universities in Japan.


As a college admissions consultant, I have helped students find colleges that best fit them. In total, my past students got accepted from more than 500 colleges and universities all over the world with scholarships. 



Vice President/ Instructor. JPrep

2013 - 2014

I was part of the startup of JPrep in my early career. JPrep aims to provide Japanese teens with high-quality English education. It gives long-term solutions to students who are looking to study abroad or apply to top universities in Japan. 


I was responsible for curriculum development, HR, and various events. Here, I learned the importance of community in education. 



Columbia University in the City of New York

2008 - 2012 (BA in Sociology and Philosophy)


In college, I focused on organizational sociology and political philosophy, analyzing the effects of international political organizations such as the UN and EU. I have graduated from Columbia with Cum Laude and been given several scholarships and awards for academic excellence. I use my skills, knowledge, and experience that I gained in the rigorous academic environment in my professional life. 


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