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I am glad that I chose to study abroad. It is because I feel like I gained so much just from preparing to apply to colleges. The friends I made in this community are all incredible people who accept me for who I am. I believe that our community evolved to be accepting because Ms. Suzuki was always "being herself." I learned to show my personality without being afraid to be rejected. 


Of course, Ms. Suzuki is also an academically talented teacher. We discussed many difficult topics such as Artificial Intelligence, posthumanism, and global citizenship. When we get stuck in our discussion, she gives us new information that can help us think so that we can push our intellectual boundaries even more. Thanks to her courses and community, I had such a great learning experience! 

A. I. (Female, 18)

Ms. Suzuki is amazing at finding positive qualities in students. When she points them out, we know that she is being genuine, not merely giving positive reinforcement. Her openness is such that we also feel safe to open up ourselves to her. 


I am always impressed by her consulting skills, as she can analyze our subconscious from subtle hints in conversations. She draws both yin and yang that are hidden in our psyche, helping us understand who we really are. Moreover, she is always there for each of us whenever we are troubled. She is a true mentor in and outside the classroom. 

Y. M. (Female, 18)

At the end of last September, I was still wondering "What am I supposed to write for the Common App essay?" It took me 2 full months to analyze myself, but Ms. Suzuki was always there listening to me. No matter how busy she was, she took two to three hours to listen to and understand my ideas and contemplate with me. Even when I myself didn't know what I wanted to say, Ms. Suzuki embraced silence and waited for me with patience. And when she spoke, her advice was always on point and thought-provoking. Both intellectually and personally, I do not think I would not be here today without her. 

H. U. (Male, 18)

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